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Venice of the North

Amsterdam is famous for its “green grass”, beautiful canals and Red Light District, but there’s more to this city of sins. Check our local experts’ recommendations for the city’s best kept secrets.

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City of Gaudí

The combination of endless sunshine, exquisite gastronomy and Gaudí’s cultural marks make Barcelona one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean. Fill up on pintxos, indulge yourself in top notch seafood along the coastline and discover the city by foot or bike… Barcelona will ensure you wish to return.

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Was geht?

Berlin is mostly known for it’s unstoppable nightlife culture, but there is so much more to Germany’s capital. Dive into the local food, art and culture scene like a local.

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Cape Town

Mother City

The Mother City is a temptress to say the least. The dazzling beauty of this vibrant seaside city with its stunning views of Table Mountain has stolen the hearts of many. Our local curators have each selected 10 things that define the magic of Cape Town.

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City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is known as the “city of seven hills”. Located beautifully next to the river Tejo, this city is packed with history and authenticity. Together with our local experts, we’ve selected some of Lisbon’s finest restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural hotspots.

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The Smoke

The city of classic red buses, the world’s oldest ‘underground’ system, the Big Ben, pubs on every corner of the street and the River Thames… Who doesn’t love London? But in a city with over 13 million inhabitants, finding the right (less touristy) things to do can be a tough job. Let our local experts guide you!

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The Forum

The capital of Spain has some of the most beautiful architectural and cultural gems, but is also home to a modern, cosmopolitan scene which comes to live at night. To find the ultimate combination of both, make sure to check our local experts’ recommendations.

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City of Love

Wrapped around the banks of the river Seine, the city of lights is packed with history, culture and a love for the finer things in life. In a city that has so much to offer, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why our local experts have each selected 10 things to point you in the right direction.

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The Eternal City

Surely when visiting Rome you should pass by the Colosseum, Pantheon and St. Peters Church. But what about the hotspots locals go to? What is it that Romans love about this city? Check out our local experts’ selection of the best things to do in Rome right now.

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Beauty on Water

Stockholm is renowned for its beautiful city (and inhabitants!) surrounded by idyllic archipelago. The capital of Sweden is packed with trend-setting restaurants, galleries and shops and has a vivid nightlife scene too. Ready to discover places the locals love?

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