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Walter’s (Walter Woodbury Bar)
Walter’s (Walter Woodbury Bar)
Walter’s (Walter Woodbury Bar) Cafe & bar

Walter Bentley Woodbury was an inventor and pioneering English photographer who became famous for his documentation of the Dutch East Indies (now part of Indonesia). Walter’s Woodbury Bar is an ode to discovery, with a relaxed colonial atmosphere. Although also a restaurant, Walter’s is especially popular in the evening as the trendy crowd of the ever developing “Indische Buurt” roll up for a G&T or a craft beer.

For your information, Gin & Tonics were first discovered by the British East India Company in India. In the 1700s they discovered that quinine could be used to prevent and treat Malaria, although the bitter taste was unpleasant. British officers in India in the early 19th century took to adding a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine in order to make the drink more palatable. In Winston Churchill’s words “the gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.”

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€ 5
Gin & Tonics
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