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Picnic Copyright Laia Navalon Arxe
Picnic Copyright Laia Navalon Arxe
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Picnic Southern US cooking

Don’t be fooled by the exterior, because the inside at Picnic will fully compensate and surprise you with a warm and comfortable feel. When Picnic took over this space in the Borne Region, it was in for a harsh makeover, but they succeeded. With the kitchen being placed behind the bar, this small cosy place triggers interaction with the chefs and the other customers. Take a seat one of the bar stools, and enjoy the Southern US styled kitchen. Expect Corn Chowder, Fried Tomatoes, and Crab Cakes just to name a few. Tip: It hosts the perfect brunch in the weekends, come early to get your table!

Lunch menu
€ 10
Tasting menu
€ 25 - 45