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The 10 Best Places to Drink Coffee in Rotterdam

The 10 Best Places to Drink Coffee in Rotterdam

Good morning Rotterdam! Ready to discover the best places to enjoy Black Gold in this beautiful city? A hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to start your day (or less sh*tty after whatever you did last night). If you’re not a morning person, don’t worry, the coffee scene in Rotterdam is so on point that this steamy beverage can be enjoyed at any time of the day. While Rotterdam is full of incredible cafes and restaurants, finding the crown jewels can be a hassle. Fortunately for you we’ve compiled a selection to help you find the best smelling, looking and tasting coffee shops at the end of the rainbow.

Kopi Soesoe


At Koppi Soesoe they make you coffee roasted by the coolest roaster in Rotterdam, Aloha Koffie. And they serve it all day long. So on Friday and Saturday even after midnight. They won’t shut down until each and everyone of you have had the coffee you need. They have a special house coffee called, surprisingly: the Kopi Soesoe. It’s an Indonesian coffee (it means “Coffee with Milk”) with condensed milk and cardemon.

Ps: They often have live music, check out their agenda!

Address Sumatraweg 15
3072 ZR Rotterdam

De Zeeuwse Meisjes


De Zeeuwse Meisjes is a shop full of treasures and a coffee shop in one. You have to go to De Zeeuwse Meisjes for that one retro seat or that beautiful handmade wallet because everything you see is for sale, except for the counter. De Zeeuwse Meisjes love the story behind a product and you will recognize this in everything you see here, from the coffee you’re drinking to the chair you’re sitting on.

Address Sumatraweg 13
3072 ZP Rotterdam



Koekela is an American-style bakery in the heart of Rotterdam and they love to bake! Over here you get the real deal, they work with real ingredients without artificial additions. Visit the cozy Koekela café for a delicious cappuccino with a mouth-watering piece of pie.

Address Nieuwe Binnenweg 79A
3014 GE Rotterdam

Lokaal 1e Klas Koffie


Lokaal 1e Klas Koffie (which means first class coffee) is an elegant espressobar in the center of Rotterdam, near station Hofplein (de Hofbogen). You can go here for a relaxing and tasteful cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch, a piece of cake or a fresh drink.

Address Raampoortstraat 34 B

Man Met Bril Koffie


At Man Met Bril Koffie you can see the whole food chain, for them, but also for you. The people working at this coffee brand travel to the plantations, roast and deliver the coffee themselves. They just love what they do. Man Met Bril serves amazing quality coffee.

Address Vijverhofstraat 70
3032 SN Rotterdam



No need to move to Hawaii for a tropical vibe! Aloha is your exotic escape in Rotterdam. This concept combines a restaurant, a bar, a coffee roastery, and a terrace in one of the most exceptional locations of the city: the waterslide of the former waterpark Tropicana. The terrace offers a spectacular view of the city and the river Maas. And then comes the best part: the extraordinary restaurant offers high-quality lunches and dinners with locally produced ingredients.

Address Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS Rotterdam
+31 10 210 8170

Hopper Coffee


This urban vintage decorated coffee place with amazing bakery is a must try. At Hopper nothing much is left to chance. If they make it themselves, they know what’s in it and know it’s good! Hopper has grown to be a self-sufficient and independent company with astounding products.

Address Schiedamse Vest 146
3011 BG Rotterdam


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Since the average citizen of Rotterdam prefers a bike ride rather than a walk, a business such as Coppi was bound to arise. The concept is simple: a bike shop and a bar have been melted into one.

Address Bergweg 316
3032 BB Rotterdam
+31 10 737 1789

Heilige Boontjes


De Heilige Boontjes Foundation aims to reintegrating young people with a distance to the labor market in society. Go here for delicious coffee roasted by people with a rough past, located in an old police station.

Address Eendrachtsplein 3
3015 LA Rotterdam


€€€Slightly expensive

Breakfast all day every day? Yes please! Lilith is a cute little place with a playful and welcoming interior right in the center of Rotterdam and the perfect spot for a nice coffee or a breakfast in all sizes.

TIP: don’t miss the banana pancakes or eggs benedict.

Address Mauritsstraat 217
3012 CH Rotterdam
+31 10 203 8838
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