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Amsterdam’s Floating Snack Bar

Amsterdam’s Floating Snack Bar

The Dutch are famous for their fried snacks. Bitterballen, frikadellen, berenhap and patatje oorlog are terms that sound like home to any Dutchman on the planet. One of Holland’s most renowned places to enjoy these treats is Febo, known for their famous vending walls. Celebrating 75 years of existence, grand child of the founder and current director of the company decided to do something noteworthy. Instead of a “drive-in”, Febo opened a “drijf in” (float-in) snack bar; a vending machine on Amsterdam’s famous Prinsengracht. So if you’re in the hood, don’t miss this opportunity to taste authentic Dutch float-, uh haute-cuisine.

Directions: Prinsengracht 307, Amsterdam

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