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Gay Pride Amsterdam 2016: 10 things you don’t wanna miss

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2016: 10 things you don’t wanna miss

Over the years Gay Pride Amsterdam has become a cultural phenomenon, breaking social barriers and promoting tolerance amongst its inhabitants. This year Amsterdam Gay Pride will be even bolder and brighter as Europride is joining the fun in honour of 20 years of Pride. From festivals to exhibitions, we’ve selected 10 things you definitely don’t wan’t to miss. Grab your assless chaps and glowsticks, things are about to pop off. One love!

Our Love 2016

For years the Amstelveld has been a great place to celebrate pride with friends. This colourful square is a stronghold of the open-minded movement and attracts thousands every year. For this 13th edition, hotshots of the Amsterdam underground and gay scene will keep you entertained till late.

13:00 – 23:59 6th August 2016

Address Amstelveld
1017 JD Amsterdam

Club NYX

Formerly known as Club Exit, Club NYX is a gay minded club that attracts a young audience from all walks of life. If you are looking for a glamorous club where you can also go with your straight friends NYX will get you going. This three floors party central is covered in glitters and even features a toilet DJ who keeps the party going while you wash your hands at a giant pink phallus.

Address Reguliersdwarsstraat 42
1017 BM Amsterdam


Lellebel is a characteristic bar that is one of Amsterdams drag show hubs. With a strong focus on the transvestite, transsexual, gay and lesbian community it offers a diverse porgam of drag shows and other activities. During pride, The Lellebel is guaranteed low-key fun.

Address Utrechtsestraat 4

Shameless Naked

Copyright THOR

To celebrate Europride 2016 / Amsterdam Gay Pride, The Swingers Date Club is meeting up at erotic club Sameplace Amsterdam.  All genders and sexual preferences are welcome for a wonderful promiscuous adventure. Entry for women is free, and for men €10. The dress code is incredibly simple: shamelessly naked.

15:00 23rd July 2016

Address Nassaukade 120,
1052 EC Amsterdam

Gender Free Zone

Copyright Petra van Velzen

In this series of portraits photographer Petra van Velzen explores how male and female characteristics can be found in combination. Head over to the socially active gallery Beeldend Gesproken to open your brain to some food for thought.

23rd till 25th July 2016

Address Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23
1053 Amsterdam

Milkshake Festival

Milkshake is a dance festival that celebrates that music, clothing and status has nothing to do with sexuality. It is an impetus to bring courtesy and friendly manners back into society. Thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans, black or white: life is just a party.

30th – 31st July 2016

Address Westerpark

Love is Art

Now this may sound a little lame compared to all the other things to do but the fact is that Pride is also a great opportunity to check out art and culture in Amsterdam. Most alternative or art-house cinemas and theaters (like the EYE Film Museum, Rialto Cinema and the Bellevue Theater) show gay-themed shows and movies. These special exhibitions enphasize that besides all the festivities, Pride is also a reminder of all the struggles the LGBT community have gone through over the years.

Address Ceintuurbaan 338
1072 GN Amsterdam


The Reguliersdwarsstraat is probably the most famous, trendy and colorful gay street in Amsterdam, where you can party in a range of places, each with their very own characteristics. It used to be exclusively gay bars but these days it is one of the most popular streets to go out in Amsterdam. Head down after the city has calmed down if you want to keep the party going.

Address Reguliersdwarsstraat

De School

Copyright Silversonicaxel

The founders of legendary Club 11 and Trouw are once again redefining Amsterdam’s clubbing scene with De School. The former technical school in the westside has been transformed into a nightclub with a distinctly Berlin style vibe. Expect dark corners, throbbing music and girls who like girls who like boys who like boys.

29th till 31st July 2016

Address Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam
+31 20 737 3197

Canal Parade

Copyright Patrick Andriessen

Every year during the Canal Parade, brightly decorated boats float down Amsterdams canals covered with extravagantly dressed partygoers celebrating equality. 80 vessels put up a show with DJ’s onboard, soaking up the Dutch sun and shouting out acceptance of anyone, no matter what your gender, or sexual preference. With mind-blowing themes, fabulous shows and countless smiles, this is one parade you don’t want to miss.

13:30-18:00 6th August 2016

Address Prinsengracht
2 10things

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