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Where To Get High: Amsterdam’s Best “Coffee” Shops

Where To Get High: Amsterdam’s Best “Coffee” Shops

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful attractions and picturesque architecture that attracts an estimated 14 million visitors each year. The truth is however, that one of the biggest attractions for youngsters from around the world is the fact that marijuana was decriminalized in 1976. Every year millions of weed enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Amsterdam to try the various potent strains the city has to offer. While some want to try the stickiest of them all, others yearn for a relaxing coffee shop in a hip neighborhood where they can bounce between eating, drinking, shopping and smoking.

The landscape of coffee shops in the Dam is widely diverse, some establishments have great weed and look terrible, where others have a great atmosphere and horrible weed. Some have delicious food, incredibly comfortable seating, and others have it all.  With roughly 200 coffee shops it’s not easy to find the best places to get high. Where to get the best bud? Here are 10 of Amsterdam’s best joints to kick back and spark up…

1e Hulp

1e Hulp (First Aid) eis an exotic coffee shop is loved for its wonderful blend of oriental and Arabic influences, as well as a friendly atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy a warm cup of Moroccan tea together with some prime bud. Located outside the tourist trap zone, 1e Hulp is a hidden gem among Amsterdam’s bustling coffee shops: a unique place where you can socialize with fellow smokers and watch time pass by.

Address Marnixstraat 194


Located in the popular “De Pijp” neighourhood, Katsu is a popular coffeeshop amongst locals with friendly staff and a relaxed vibe. In the summer you can blaze up on the little terrace or nearby Sarphati park and watch the hip crowd stroll by. Although it may be slightly more expensive than its local counterparts, its friendly atmosphere, board games and vaporizer are sure to make up for it.

Address Eerste van der Helststraat 70
1072 NZ Amsterdam


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Although it’s located near the Red Light District (tourist central), Bluebird is loved for its friendly staff and solid selection of weed and hash. Founded in 1982, it’s one of the few coffee shops in the old center that doesn’t sell inferior product at inflated prices. It also serves food for when the munchies hit and its multi-lingual staff will understand you when you’re too baked to talk.

Address Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71
1011 HB Amsterdam



Previously known as Stix coffeeshop, Boerejongens is a modern coffeeshop located on Utrechtsestraat. This is the third shop run by Boerejongens (“Farmer Boys”) and it’s oriented towards locals. Completely remodelled with white marble countertops in a apothecary / drugstore style, Boerejongens is the place to be if you are near Rembrandtplein and crave that sticky-icky.

Address Utrechtsestraat 21
1017 VH Amsterdam

Barney's Uptown

Barneys is located in the same 500-year-old building that the shop started in when it opened 23 years ago. In 2014, Barney’s won the top prize at the Cannabis Cup for “Best Coffeeshop Flowers” for their Cookies Kush and “Best NederHash by a Coffeeshop” for their Cookies-Ice Cream. Their lovable setup consists of two shops across from each other, buy weed at Barney’s Coffeeshop, toke, eat and drink at Barney’s Uptown. 


Address Haarlemmerstraat 105
1013 EW Amsterdam

De Dampkring

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One thing all smokers remember about the Dampkring is its lovable cat “Bowie”, who is also known as “the Cat of Cannabis.” Although the Dampkring is among the more popular coffeeshops that most tourists will have heard of, it stands out for its unique interior ranging from Arabic to Bohemian – with some Buddha throughout the shop. With special strains as well as generic flavors, be sure to spark up a joint or two here.

Address Handboogstraat 29
1012 XM Amsterdam


Abraxas has been an icon in Amsterdam’s marijuana culture for over 20 years and is tucked away in an alley near Dam square. Loved for its dreamy interior, this cozy smokery offers free Wi-Fi and a wide variety of boardgames that you can play with fellow stoners.

Address Jonge Roelensteeg 6
1012 PL Amsterdam

The Bulldog The First

Copyright The Bulldog The First
Copyright The Bulldog The First

Started in 1974, this coffeeshop is one of the oldest in the city. It came a long way from a living room, where people secretely used to smoke joints, to a popular hotspot for curious tourists. Because of its early start into the business, The Bulldog had issues with the police in the past and is proud to showcase it today along with popular hiding spots for cannabis. Check out the place and get a dose of coffee shop history with your joint!

Address Oudezijds Voorburgwal 88
1012 GG Amsterdam

Grey Area

Although the Grey Area is a tiny little shop and you will struggle to find a spot to chill, it’s still an extremely popular coffeeshop for tourists and locals alike. The staff is friendly and more than willing to help you on your way to the stars. If you’re lucky you may even be able to spark up with a star or two, the Grey Area is frequented by Willie Nelson, The Pharcyde, Woody Harrelson, B-Real and DJ Sneak.

Address Oude Leliestraat 2
1015 AW Amsterdam

Green House

From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Green House has a mission to cultivate the most unique strains of weed known to man. They have won 35 High times Cannabis Cups and 17 Highlife Cups, as well as numerous private awards in several countries. Therefore it comes as no surprise that this is where most celebrities get high. None other than Pierce Brosnan, Rihanna, Richard Branson, David Hasselhof, Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson toke up at the Green House, to name but a few…

Address Haarlemmerstraat 64HS
1013 ET Amsterdam
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