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The Magic of Morocco

The Magic of Morocco

It’s time for another mini holiday to get you through the day. A few minutes to dream away and drift off to another place can work wonders for travel addicts!

You could listen to the sounds of the world, go on a virtual road trip through Australia or be surprised by the spectacular views of Tenerife. Or you could immerse yourself in the culture, colors and smiles of Morocco.

Magic of Morocco Blog 4

Didier Tommasi visited this North African country and made sure to give the world a taste of the beautiful encounters during his trip. After watching his video, you’ll feel as if you’ve been there yourself!

So headphones on, eyes on the screen, and get ready to discover Morocco in less than two minutes.

Some magical stills from the video …

Magic of Morocco Blog 3

Magic of Morocco Blog 1

Magic of Morocco Blog 5

Magic of Morocco Blog 6

Video and shots by Didier Tommasi!
Music by Ian Locke – Daydream
Voice over by David Brower

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