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Namalimba Coelho © Time Out / Joana Freitas

Namalimba Coelho

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Namalimba Coelho was born in Angola where she lived part of her childhood before moving to Portugal and then to Paris for her University degree. Currently, Namalimba is living in Lisbon as a renowned communications professional focussed on art, culture and design. She’s PR manager at the prestigious Museu Coleção Berardo, a prominent museum in Lisbon with a renowned modern and contemporary art collection. Next to that, she’s been related to the communication of the city’s leading cultural and artistic projects for more than 10 years, including Experimenta Design Biennal and Lisbon’s Fashion Week. It’s fair to say Namalimba knows what’s culturally mind-blowing in Lisbon… Let her guide you to some of Lisbon’s finest Art & Culture hotspots.

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