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Learn to Cook Ugandan
Learn to Cook Ugandan
Learn to Cook Ugandan
Learn to Cook Ugandan Copyright Neil Palmer
Learn to Cook Ugandan Cooking class

The variety of produce that goes into preparing a typical Ugandan meal is representative of the melting pot of cultures that make up Uganda. A typical plate of local food usually consists of various staple foods that are sourced from various parts of the country, giving you a chance to travel the country with your tongue, without necessarily having to leave the capital city! Experience a culinary adventure with a cooking class organized by Namuwongo Community Library, that includes sourcing for ingredients at a local produce market, learning the methods and challenges of lighting a Sigiri (a traditional charcoal stove) and the recipes to make the national favorite dish, Matooke (mashed green plantain), among other popular dishes. This is a great way to taste the flavor of each tribe that contribute to the local dishes of Uganda, and a fun interactive way to learn about the cultures they originate from..