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The Jerry Thomas Project Speakeasy cocktail bar

There is a “secret”, tiny gem in the late nights of Rome. A cocktail bar which takes you back to the Prohibition era in the United States and is named upon the father of American mixology: Jerry Thomas. If you pass by Vicolo Cellini 30, you will hardly notice any venue. Just a door, a rather British or American door in a very Roman small street. If you ring the doorbell, you might be asked for the password. Be ready to know it and if you are lucky… you will be allowed to get in and enjoy the best cocktails in town. Hands down.

To find out the password you have to know the correct answer to a question which is posted on Jerry Thomas Project website: look for “Parola d’ordine” on the toolbar, translate the question and Google to find the answer.

You are expected to observe few rules: No Vodka, No credit cards, table booking only by phone from 16:00 to 19:00, smoking is allowed.